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Who I am

I'm a seasoned tech entrepreneur from America's Finest City city, San Diego. I specialize in leading and creating the technology for startups and enterprises.

I'm a Technologist

I'm an Entrepreneur

I'm a Problem Solver

What I do

Everything it takes to run a world-class internet company.
Here are some other services that I provide. I'm an all-around CTO/architect/developer.


If your IT team and tech-stack has gotten out of control, I can do a full audit to assess the situation and recommended actionable items towards a solution.


Ask any CTO, and 9 out of 10 times their #1 problem is hiring. I have a high success rate of hiring star programmers with a very small turn over percentage.


From PHP to C# to Javascript, I've used them all. Keeping a pulse on the latest technologies is key to understanding which tool to use to solve a problem.


I've built some of the most trafficked websites, and through that experience, I understand how users interact with product on the desktop or mobile.


Either MSSQL or MySQL, I've optimized both to achieve lightning fast query times and deploy redundancy and backup solutions.


Cloud Systems or Dedicated Racks, I know how to scale large systems to be able to handle millions of users. All while understand budget constraints and not overspending.

Stuff I Made

Below are companies I've started, or products and websites I've built in my career.

Case Studies

In 2010 when Plixi was at its peak, we had major scaling issues. Like most scaling issues companies face, our database was not able to keep up with the load. Once we dug deep enough into the core of the system, we realized the hard drives were queueing requests. Thus, we needed to fix the disk I/O issue which is where FusionIO comes in. These are the fastest hard drives in the world, and solved our scaling issues. They let us to continue to grow the business to 45-million monthly unique visitors and 100-million daily API requets. At the end of the day, these FusionIO drives saved our business and we were able to eventually negotiate a $10-million acquisition by Lockerz, a Kleiner Perkins and Liberty Media backed social commerce platform in January 2011.

Get In Touch

Use the form below to get a quick quote on a project or to simply say hello. I try to be prompt and answer any emails within 24-hours.

  • "Daniel is an amazing individual. He is an extremely talented developer and is even more gifted with the management of complex projects and diverse teams. He has exceptional leadership and problem solving skills."

    ~ Sean Callahan - Senior Product Manager @ Amazon ~

  • "Daniel is the hardest working and smartest technical professional I know. He is not only highly skilled at application architecture and project leadership, he has a tremendous business head on his shoulders."

    ~ Troy Malone - General Manager Asia Pacific @ Evernote ~

  • "Daniel is an energetic, focused, and resourceful software engineer, as well as an entrepreneur with understanding of business processes is rare in that field... I have a lot of respect for Daniel and consider him among the most talented people in my professional network."

    ~ Michael Major - Systems Engineer @ Irdeto ~